102.7 WMOM Radio Ads Grant Program

*** Update: The Grant Program has been temporarily closed because of the large amount of response. It may open here soon***

WMOM Launches Free Ad Program for area businesses during COVID-19 Pandemic and during stations new ownership transition as part of its “Committed to Community Effort.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is our responsibility to service the community with information and great music. It is also our responsibility to help keep businesses from shuttering either during or shortly after the lock down has been lifted. Because of this, 102.7 WMOM has allocated nearly $30,000 in radio advertising time to be given to businesses in the listening area at no charge. It is simply, our way to keep businesses that are open or closed in the forefront of the listeners minds. When we begin to step out our doors again, as a community, we must continue to support these businesses as we know they are hurting. This is just one step we can do together.

102.7 WMOM will commit its limited resources to producing free 30 second commercials for businesses or organizations that either are nominated by the community or by the actual business or organization. These commercials will air free of charge until a certain period of time designated by the station or until the lock down is lifted. There will be no charges for the businesses or organizations under this program at all.

In order to ensure this grant program is a success, 102.7 WMOM will have final discretion to approve or deny any submission and will be able to limit the number of grants awarded based on the allocation of commercial inventory. As part of that discretion, brick and mortar businesses will be given priority over home-based businesses.

102.7 WMOM will not be soliciting any business or organization to enter the grant program. If you know or are part of business or organization, we ask that you contact the owner or general manager of that business and ask them to submit their grant application soon. This program is truly meant to support local businesses and organizations through the community members who shop and work there.

Commercials will begin to be produced as each grant is approved by 102.7 WMOM. All grant applications must be submitted online thru the form below. Grant applications will be considered in the order they are received, but again WMOM has complete discretion to approve or deny grants. Because WMOM is a family friendly station, no grants that could affect this position will be approved. If a grant application is submitted on behalf of a business, a grant will not be awarded without the approval of the business.  WMOM reserves the right to modify or discontinue the program at any time.

Deadline for submitting an application is April 20th, 2020. All commercial production will be written and approved and produced and approved by authorized business representative of the business awarded the grant.